There is often one room in the house that is or becomes the hub. In the Sheehan house, that room is the kitchen. It’s a place where folks gather. The long counter tops on either side invite the adopted Sul Ross college kids to sit and unload as a meal is prepared around them. Children run through laughing and giggling. The smells that emanate from this kitchen seem to pull people in. The big gas stove (there is even power to the back for an electric stove as well) seems to pump out food. The under the cabinet radio plays the soft sounds of the local station. The warmth that flows from this simple room fills belly, heart and soul.

The holiday seasons things seem to amp up. Cookies for neighbors. Fresh ground flour for homemade breads. Laughter and love seems to pour out from this room. Bing Cosby softly carols from the radio. Your whole being is wrapped in a warm blanket of spices from the ginger snaps and the earthy aroma of fresh bread. Vanilla seems to linger in the air. The room embodies Christmas!

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