You hear the word neighborhood all the time. It falls flat anymore. There was a time in America where your neighborhood was your identity in many ways. In the Sheehan house neighborhood, neighborhood still means something. Here, its means a place where you are safe. A home. It means a group of people who stand up for and with each other. A place where kids bicycle safely up and down the streets, gather and play in the rain and splash in the creek when it runs. It’s a place to walk peacefully and safety any time, day or night. A place to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning and greet your friends and neighbors. It’s a community within a community. You get to know, not only your neighbors but their dogs names as they pass by. It’s a place where you might open the door to find a neighbor had heard about your rough day and had brought you a warm apple pie just to say they care. We have a saying around here, that no one fights alone here and it is even more prevalent in this neighborhood. When the chips are down, we stand up and fight for you. It’s a place where the rest of the world passes you by while being loved as if you were family.

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