Starry skies

Summer means something so very special at the Sheehan house. It means back yard living!!! It means BBQ with friends because nothing says summer like BBQ. It means the invigorating scent of fresh cut grass. In the large back yard at the Sheehan house, it means peace. A place to relax and unwind. A place to forget the cares of the world. A place to gather with family, friends and neighbors and project a movie late into the night. Then there are those special nights in this oasis where you can just sit with a fire pit blazing and listen to bands playing around town in the distance. The peacefulness is almost overwhelming. But the absolutely best part of the back yard in my opinion is a blanket laid on the cool grass, laid out flat staring up at the night skies. There is something about the skies in the Big Bend area that are haunting and peaceful all at the same time. You feel as if you are staring into eternity. As you lay there, a cool breeze reminds you of the here and now. The Mulberry trees flutter in an age old tune. A cricket chirps in the corner of the yard and all feels right with the world.

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