Dog days of summer

The dog days of summer are here!! Waahooo!! Sounds crazy to be excited about the worst part of summer in an area of Texas where the real feel is over a hundred degrees everyday? No. Not with the nights chilly enough to make sure you want to snuggle up with your honey still. Not with the promise of Fall in front of us.

Sitting in the long beautiful backroom of The Sheehan house, with the cool air blowing, looking into the back yard it almost feels like Spring. The chickens are strolling across the yard. The big leaves on the Mulberry, Elm and Oak trees are gently swaying to the constant breeze that keep things cooler than you might think. The shadows play hide and seek with each other. Sitting here its hard to believe that you are smack dab in the middle of town with all the trees and green grass around.

Soon it will be Fall and the back yard will be in full display of its Fall finery. The Esperanza will be in full bloom soon. The Mulberry will fill your heart with Fall colors. Its a beautiful sight to see. This back room and its view are something that must be experienced.

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