If these walls could talk

I will miss these walls. A vast majority of the walls in the Sheehan house are the original adobe walls. 18 thick solid walls. It really rang home to me again today how amazing these walls are. There was a huge downpour today and I never had an idea until the kids all came in soaking wet. In most houses you hear storms outside but in the main parts of the Sheehan house behind the adobe things remain peaceful and calm.

These walls have seen more things than we could ever imagine. They have heard of the news of a new grandbaby to be born, this past Thanksgiving. They have heard the joy of sisters laughing at a special inside moment. They have seen the sun rise and set. They have seen my children grown. They have heard the laughs of family gatherings. Before our time they saw ball room dancing. They saw our community bind together during World Wars. They have seen the town pass by. After all of this they still stand straight, tall and solid. So solid and strong that you always feel safe and at peace in the Sheehan home.

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