When a house comes on the market it always makes me ask why. I know that’s a bit nosey but I want to know. Are there leaky pipes? Is it a bad neighborhood? Has that family out grown it? Are they leaving the area because its a bad community? Again, I know nosey of me but I want to know before I place my family in the middle of it all.

So I assume there has to be at least one person out there who wants to know why. Especially if they have read any of there other posts here about the love we have for the Sheehan house. And we do truly deeply love this house!! Its our place of respite. It is our home. It is part of us. It is our calm in a storm. So WHY have we decided to place it on the market?

Our family has been in ranching since before Texas was a state. Ranching is in our blood. It is our soul. When God moved us into town it was the hardest thing we have ever done. Our children have gone stir crazy as have we. We have missed wide open spaces and our animals. Late last year the doors opened up for us. A piece of land came available that was just right for us. A piece of land with views that most people dream of. Over the past year we have built a small house with our own hands with our children by our side for every step. Now for the hard part. Now to give up our house in town and hope that it blesses another family as much as it has us.

The view out our new kitchen window.

The view out our new front door.

So when the question of why comes up, now you know. Now you know there are no leaky pipes or bad neighbor issues, because let me tell you, we will miss our wonderful city water pressure and dear sweet neighbors that we will miss dearly. Now you know that its a great community, and one we are proud to be a part of generationally. Yes, maybe we have out grown this home that has been the balm to our souls but not because of its size but because of our need for wide open spaces. This house that I personally, will bawl like a baby to leave behind because its become a friend and a part of me.

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