Have you ever been through a screaming hot day and think “Wow, Fall is so close I can almost touch it!”? That is where I have been this week. Some of the hottest days in Texas have been felt by so many over the past two weeks but I feel Fall! Football season is on us and the purple and gold is out in full force here in Alpine! GO BUCKS! The light in the evening has gotten longer and softer. There is a crispness first thing in the morning. All harbingers of Fall! This, this is my favorite time of year. The hot summer is nearly gone. Late summer rain storms pop up in the afternoons with a wildness that exciting. My kitchen, here in the Sheehan house beckons to me. Time for Ginger Snaps, pumpkin muffins, and chili! But this excitement can wait.

First to grab the paint! The front door of the Sheehan house needs a pick me up that falls in line with the season. I love how fresh coat of paint makes everything seem new and full of life again. With the help of a wonderful neighbor (ohhh how lucky the new owners of this house will be to inherit our amazing neighbors) we got to work. I am absolutely in love with the results. Nothing like red to welcome in Fall.

Yall come by and see. Slow down and open the wondows, you might catch a whiff of kitchen love. Stop by. Lets have some coffee and a Ginger Snap. Ohhh okay, lets have several.

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