Perfect Temperatures

Today was sheer perfection!!! I thought. The windows here in the Sheehan House are wide open and have been day and night for the past bit. The sounds of the cool night breezes blowing through my grandmother’s wind chimes sooth my soul. The smell of freshly wet dirt fills my heart. Cooler temperatures make me happy. I haven’t been outside much during the middle of the day for the past few days as I have been doing laundry and cleaning house for several showings. We just returned from Marine basic graduation where my eldest son graduated, OOOH RAAAH!! So the laundry was piled high. I went up to my neighbors house today and realized that it was quite warm!! I had almost wanted for a blanket in the house before leaving. I love how efficient adobe walls are!! The house had retained its overnight cool and when I left around 3, I thought it was that it was around 70°. How wrong I was!! It was in the mid to high 80s!! Even my afternoon guests remarked on how cool the house was. On the hottest of West Texas days it is quite nice here and on the coldest of winter days, I am never cold! This house is amazing!!!

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